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Kaizen Vision focuses on small things we can do to make our life’s better and help us along the journey of becoming who we’d like to be and living the dreams that we hold in our hearts.

Kaizen is a Japan­ese phi­los­o­phy that embod­ies small incre­men­tal con­tin­u­ous improve­ments for the bet­ter­ment of the whole. It seeks to elim­i­nate excess and opti­mize effi­ciency. It’s most fre­quently seen in the busi­ness world as a pro­duc­tiv­ity sys­tem that human­izes the work­force.

This blog celebrates Personal Kaizen. Using the kaizen philosophy and applying it to our personal life. Living with a kaizen vision means we aim to see  life as a work in progress and open­ ourselves up to con­tin­u­ous small improve­ments for an ever-evolving ful­fill­ing life.

The focus in this site is on small con­tin­u­ous improve­ments of life processes. Kaizen includes mak­ing changes, mon­i­tor­ing results and adjust­ing. It empha­sizes well-being and it’s a pow­er­ful strat­egy for change since it encour­ages small improve­ments that are eas­ier to stick with. The cumu­la­tive effect of con­tin­u­ous but small change is tremendous.

It’s meant for those of us who have found big leaps to not be very doable or effective. Big giant commitments and massive change sometimes trip us. We can get all revved up and then fall down and feel badly that it didn’t work out. Perhpas we couldn’t stick to the new habit, or make that big sweeping change, or not sustain the new habits we hoped for.

Some of us just need a bit slower pace and smaller steps in order to make real lasting change.

The kaizen way is one that makes small continuous improvements. We find ways to be more efficient and have less waste as we continually sculpt our lives and pursue our dreams.

Below are some of the best personal kaizen posts on this blog. Click the link it will bring you to the post.

I hope they help you to make small continuous improvements to your current life process and help you reach your dreams the kaizen way.


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