Starting September 14th 2011 a fresh new iTunes podcast will be born!

Smart Opinionated and Fabulous is partnership between Prolific Living Media and Kaizen Vision. Yes it’s a duet podcast! But, no we won’t be singing at least not intentionally.

This podcast is named in honor of our listeners, for the ones who already know that they are Smart, Opinionated and Fabulous, and for the ones who don’t quite realize it yet!

The first introductory episode will be on Wednesday September 14th. The second episode will be September 21st and from that point we will have the podcast every other Wednesday.

For those who may not be familiar with iTunes, no worries! Farnoosh and I will both post the podcast on our blogs so you’ll find it here and at Prolific Living.

The Smart, Opinionated and Fabulous podcast explores the art of living well, and looks at ways to empower you to have the life of your authentic desires.

Email your thoughts to Aileen & Farnoosh at

We are having a fabulous time putting this together and we look forward to having you join us!


Kaizen Vision Channel

Yes, there is now a YouTube Kaizen Vision Channel! It’ll be growing over time, and there will be some videos there that aren’t included in the posts here.  At this particular moment in time, it’s just a seedling with roots growing and growing.

Lots of new and exciting things happening here.

Please share your journey with me.  Share your successes and misses, and lets have fun along our kaizen journey of small steps towards living our own unique vision.




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