Vision, Your Pathway to Victory – A Book Review

by Aileen

vision_book by_Gordon D'AngeloI choose to review this book Vision, by Gordon D’Angelo after learning that 100% of the profits from this book will go to charities around the country. That was enough to capture my attention, well that and the subject matter, of course! …since strategic steps toward living your vision is aligned with personal kaizen.

Having read countless books and taken countless courses on goal setting and life design, I often feel there’s not really much more I can learn about the different approaches to making things happen in life. However, I can always benefit from a fresh approach, to up my own life game a bit more, and re-think my own strategies and systems for making things happen.

So, how does this book differ from other goal setting books?

The strengths:

1. Its blueprint for “Strategic Visionary Planning”

2. Its detailed examples of how to use this technique to grow business.

One can apply this technique and plan to numerous aspects in life, but its special oomph is that it shows you how to apply his techniques to grow/increase business. A must read for any business owner or sales professional.

Who is this book ideal for?

This book is great for those who want a pragmatic approach to using results driven vision to help them create the success they desire. Often times books and training on goal setting, visioning, and life design use more whimsical concepts and refer to the law of attraction which turn-off a certain type of person. For those who would prefer a book that doesn’t refer to law of attraction, but rather prefer a solution that involves clearly defined actions and initiatives with measurable results as part of their plan for success, this is that book and that technique.

It’s also a great book for anyone who feels they’ve fallen off track on their goals. I happened to read it at the beginning of this Holiday season when numerous holiday preparations were absorbing my energy and taking me away from my own vision and life goals. It was a great reminder to re-align with my personal mission and to consciously use my time wisely and not let it slip away into the numerous activities that are screaming for attention and action.

I must highlight that with its use of detailed business examples, this book especially  ideal for any sales team, sales manager, business owner, or entrepreneur.

How to get the most out of this book:

I recommend reading it once through in one sitting if you can, and then working it through it from front to back as a workbook.

By reading it through cover to cover in as short a time as possible, it will provide you with an overall clear picture of his technique and how to use it. It won’t create the change you seek, by simply reading it through once, but it will give you the big picture that will allow you to take your time working through the process the second time go through it.

A look inside the book:

The author speaks about time as our main gift, and to perpetuate our energy in whatever we do, otherwise we are on that “life treadmill” of busyness which prevents us from success we desire and the success that is possible for us.

” Perpetual energy is a great way to win the day. … I know a lot of people who work their tail off and don’t get the results they want. If you’re not perpetuating energy you’re running on a treadmill. You’re moving and getting nowhere… Every day can be won.”

The author clearly distinguishes between the vision and the activities. When mind is focused on creating and clarifying the vision, at that time, mind is not focused on the activities to get there. There is a time to come up with (or create) activities, or initiatives, and have them tied to a desired result and intention, but not during the time of creating the vision.

These distinctions make this book a great blueprint for those who have been challenged on creating their successes, or for those who have not yet done this type of work.

Much like differentiating between the vision and the activities, the author distinguishes between activity and results. By having a definable intention, we can create our activities with results in mind. “Activity does not win the day. Activity helps the day. Results win the day.”


The book has plenty of real work examples to help the reader understand how clear their vision is, how measurable and definable their initiatives are, and how to use this information to refine their process. 

If you need to discover (or re-discover) your vision for your life, or you’re looking for an action plan to help you turn your desires into action, you’ll need to find an approach that works for you and  find one that relates to your desired course of action.

If you’re a logical, pragmatic type of person who prefers to implement a specific strategy and course of action, and you’re someone who wants to build their business (increase revenue and customers) then this is the book for you! It really is its best asset, as it relates the logical business mind to life vision and creating an action plan for yourself.

P.S This book would make a great gift for this Holiday season.

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Cathy Taughinbaugh December 5, 2012

Sounds like a good read, Aileen. I like these quotes – “The author clearly distinguishes between the vision and the activities.” and “Activity does not win the day. Activity helps the day. Results win the day.” Excellent point on the importance of not just being active and busy, but keeping your goals in mind and staying focused. Thanks for sharing the book! Take care.
Cathy Taughinbaugh´s last [type] ..Treatment Talk Monthly Message – November 2012


Elle December 6, 2012

I loved this quote Aileen

“The author speaks about time as our main gift, and to perpetuate our energy in whatever we do, otherwise we are on that “life treadmill” of busyness which prevents us from success we desire and the success that is possible for us.”

Would never have read this, if not for you…thanks for sharing.

Love Elle
Elle´s last [type] ..Step Up And Be Great.


Tess The Bold Life December 6, 2012

I’m finally off the treadmill. That was me prior to my big summer break. Now I’m rested and getting things done. Thanks for the review and the reminder.
Tess The Bold Life´s last [type] ..101 Bits of Wisdom for a Bold and Fearless 2013


David Stevens December 6, 2012

Hi Aileen,
I’m with Elle…enjoy that ‘quote’…so accurate.
be good to yourself
David Stevens´s last [type] ..Living Life Today – What’s on Your list?


Galen Pearl December 6, 2012

I’ve been thinking a lot about goals this year and my relationship with them. I seem to be moving away from the concept of goals, and yet I must have them because I get things done that I want to get done. This year I got two very big things done, one being a book. So this review is making me stop and think what it really is about goals that I seem to be resisting while at the same time having them and accomplishing them. Hmmm.
Galen Pearl´s last [type] ..Embrace Limbo


Joe April 4, 2013

Goals are important but must be achievable otherwise they become impediments. They are steps to achievement. So, great advice.
Joe´s last [type] ..What Are The Symptoms of Anxiety?


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