Connect With Your Intuition – Interview with Angela Artemis

by Aileen


Meditate, Connect and Thrive!

an interview with Angela Artemis from Powered By Intuition

If you’ve been reading this blog for a while, you  know I’ve mentioned Powered By Intuition many, many times. Angela has the unique ability to help a person connect to their intuition and learn how to use it in thier own life.

I feel blessed to have learned about her work two years ago. Her work has allowed me to develop my intuition, and like many of her readers and students, we’re learning how to speak intuition, how to hear it, how to connect with it more and more.

Since I’m so crazy about her and Steven’s Re-Awakening Program and I can’t stop talking about it, she’s allowed a special giveaway!

YES,  one lucky winner will receive the complete Re-Awakening Program with its bonuses (one of the bonuses  is the binaural beats  audio and video that’s mentioned in the end of the interview – pretty neat!) The winner will be one of you who  leaves the best comment on why they should win the ReAwakening and share this post on Facebook letting people know about this fabulous Re-Awakening Program.

I’m truly thrilled to have the opportunity to interview Angela today, and because I feel her work it’s such a gift for all people, I’ve decided to have both a written version of the interview and the an audio. This way you have access to her pearls of wisdom whether you  prefer to read to listen.

So without further ado:

Click to play the audio:  

Q. What made you decide to develop your intuition? Was it hard to connect with it and trust it?

A. I had intuitive flashes from the time when I was a little kid. It just “happened” all the time. I heard things and saw things (spirits) that scared the hell out of me when I was a kid that my mother insisted was my imagination. Sometimes my mother even accused me of “spying” on her or listening to her phone conversations because she would insist I couldn’t have known the things I told her without eavesdropping. It was very traumatic. I was scared of both the “dark” – the things I supposedly wasn’t seeing and of my mother’s wrath so, I never really tried to develop it. I had to sleep with a night light on until I was a teenager.

When I was eleven I got my first deck of Tarot cards. I had an obsession with playing cards growing up. I didn’t know why at the time. Whenever we went to shopping, I always wanted my mother to buy me decks of playing cards. I was attracted to cards that had colorful pictures on the back such as the Patti Duke set – but, each time I got home and opened the deck they all looked alike on the inside; there were no pictures. I didn’t know it then but, I was searching for the Tarot.

One day we got a Lillian Vernon catalog and I saw a deck of Tarot in there. I begged my mother to send for them them. I don’t think she knew what they were for or she wouldn’t have ordered them for me. She knew I liked “playing cards” so she sent away for them.

As soon as the cards arrived – I knew exactly what to do with them. I started reading for people right then and that was how I began developing my intuition. It wasn’t a conscious decision at all. I believe I must have had this knowledge from a previous life and that’s what drove me to seek out cards with pictures on them.

The funny thing was though, that I was so good at reading for others but, not for myself. I never trusted what I got for myself. It took decades for me to begin trusting my own intuition as it applied to my own life. When I was sure about another person – I was sure, no doubt about it. When it came to myself I was never sure…it was quite maddening.

Q. What made you want to teach others how to connect with their intuition?

A. I realized that not trusting my own intuition caused me to make many mistakes in my own life. I went into the wrong career, married the wrong person and on and on and on. I wanted to help people learn to trust their intuition so that they would never have to go through what I had.

Q. When talking with others about  getting in touch with their inner wisdom/ intuition I’ve heard people say, I’m not psychic, I can’t predict the future – and that’s there reason for “not having intuition” so,  how would you explain the difference between being a psychic and being a person who can connect with their intuition?

A. Your intuition is your own inner guidance about your life, safety and well being. The word intuition has been misused because a lot of psychics prefer to call themselves intuitives. I’m guilty of this too. I should probably stop calling myself an intuitive and just say – I’m a psychic. This is where the confusion has come from.

Your intuition is based on feelings you get such as gut feelings about things. For example, when you know someone is being dishonest or you get a gut feeling that something is wrong. These feelings are your intuition.

Your intuition is there to communicate things to you non-verbally via your feelings in order to guide you and keep you safe. Intuition in humans evolved form from basic “instinct” not unlike the instincts that animals possess, to ensure that our species thrives. As humans evolved in consciousness instinct evolved into intuition.

It’s very subtle but, if you learn to tune in you will understand it. It’s like watching a silent movie we know what’s going on even without words. Intuition is your own non-verbal guidance system. You have to want to tune in and you have to want to understand this guidance.

Being psychic involves seeing visions, hearing information, knowing things emphatically and feeling things as well. It goes beyond being intuitive. When you are psychic you connect beyond the self to others, the past, present and future. We are all intuitive but not everyone is psychic and the truth is you don’t have to be. So, the short answer is you don’t need to be psychic to be intuitive but you need to be intuitive to be psychic.

If you don’t hear your intuition it is only because you don’t choose to tune into it and develop it. It is a sensing mechanism all humans have. Not using it is like going through life with blinders on and using only your other four physical senses.

Q. I’ve heard you say that everyone is capable of having intuition and connecting with intuition. For someone who can’t recall ever having intuition, what advice would you give them?

A. If you are happy, fairly successful and satisfied with your life then, you are hearing your intuition whether you know it or not. Frankly, if your life is going well there’s no need to develop your intuition. Intuition is your own internal guidance system. Don’t fix it if it ain’t broke.

If you’re experiencing problem and after problem – you are definitely not it touch. If you’re life is one of constant struggle you need to develop your intuition more than anyone and start listening to this wisdom.

You must learn to get quiet for a period of time each day and “listen.” Meditation is the best way to develop your intuition. People who don’t hear their intuition are suffering from two problems. They either don’t want to hear this guidance because they are afraid of their own internal dialogue or they have suffered from abuse that undermined their confidence and ability to trust that they know what’s best for themselves.

Meditation addresses all three issues; fear of their own internal dialogue, insecurity about their ability to make the right decisions and hearing their intuition.

Q. What advice would you give to someone who struggles to hear their intuition – or connect with their intuition? Perhaps they’ve tried before and maybe it “worked” at times, but not at other times.

A. Practice is the answer. I was like that when I was a girl. My intuition came through whenever “it” wanted to. I was not in control. When you create the intention to develop your intuition and start attending classes and working with a teacher you can and will overcome this. You must test yourself a couple times of week – challenge your intuition with little experiments and build your confidence that way. The more confident you become in your ability the more consistently your intuition will come through and come through for you at will instead of “willy nilly.” I have a whole chapter devoted to this in my new book, “The Intuition Principle.” It’s a very common complaint among people who are interested in developing their intuition.

Q. I heard that a person might choose to have a physic reading when they feel stuck and can’t seem to connect to their intuition. Is that something you help people with?

A. When you are stuck many times you can’t see what’s blocking you – even though it is usually right in front of your nose but, a psychic can. I will get an immediate feeling about someone when I connect with them energetically. Frankly, I’m kind of like a person wearing a blindfold stumbling around in a big old barn. I “bump” into all these things and then describe them to my client. The things I “bump” into are huge but, because the person is so emotionally wound up in their problem they don’t see these “huge” things that are right in front of them.

When you connect someone to the issue that’s holding them back they feel “relieved.” It resonates with them as the right thing. When they connect and acknowledge it then they can move forward in their lives. Sometimes, people are just insecure and they need to hear it from someone else like me to feel validated in their own beliefs. Once they get the validation or “second opinion” of an objective party like myself they can move on.

Q. Some people only try to connect to their intuition when they are in some sort of crisis mode, such as relationship issues, financial issues, job change/career change issues.  What are some reasons/benefits we can give people to encourage them to connect with their intuition all the time, or daily? How does connecting with intuition benefit people in a day-to-day basis, or a  non-crisis time?

A. Frankly, if you  were to connect to your intuition on daily basis instead of waiting for a crisis you probably wouldn’t be in a crisis in  the first place. Your internal guidance system/intuition would have steered you in the right direction and away from the things that got you into that mess in the first place. I know this first hand, trust me. That’s why I do what I do now. I learned the hard way.

Another reason to connect with your intuition on a daily basis is to not only develop trust in it but, to know how it feels when it comes through for you. When you’re upset and in a crisis- that’s no time to begin asking your intuition what to do. Your emotions will override your intuition and you won’t hear it. All that adrenaline in your system puts you in fight or flight mode. You’re just too hopped up on adrenaline to calm down and hear your intuition. Your body wants you to fight or run…that’s very different from being calm, detached from the outcome and emotionally centered; which is what you have to be to receive intuitive guidance.

The thing to do is have a strong meditation practice in place that you can turn to when you are emotionally distraught and use it to calm down. When you are calm then you can ask for intuitive guidance. When you feel calm and detached from the outcome of the problem you will hear your intuition.

Q.  For those that don’t know about your “Re-awakening” program, I’d like you to share a little bit about the benefits of guided mediation for cultivating inner calm and connecting with mediation. How does guided mediation work, how does it help people?

A.  Guided meditation works by engaging the mind. When the mind is engaged in listening or “visualizing,”  you stop thinking. The secret of meditation is to stop thinking. When the mind is constantly going you don’t relax.

The reason why we need to meditate today more than ever is because our minds are going 24/7. We are always plugged into something whether it is our phone, computer, tablet, television of radio. We never give our minds a rest. This is very stressful.

When we calm our minds down our entire lives calm down. Panicked and hectic thinking creates the same sort of circumstances in your life. Think about a motorized treadmill. Your mind is constantly being stimulated and going like that treadmill. Unless you get off of it you’ll keep going like that until you have a heart attack and die. Meditation shuts down the treadmill.

Meditation is the restful state your mind requires to create inner peace and equilibrium. As above so below – as within so without. When you’re at peace on the inside your life circumstances will mirror back that peace.

Q.   One more question about your “Re-awakening” program,  you and Steven offer a bonus that has binaural beats  both audio and video, what are these? What are the benefits? How do people use them?

A.   Binaural beats are soo cool! They synchronize the brain’s hemispheres so that you experience certain things such as feeling very relaxed, being able to go to sleep easily and deeply, increase clarity and creativity, sustain energy levels and even enhance intuition. This is a great achievement of modern science. We can create the results we want by using certain sound frequencies in each ear that stimulate the brain hemispheres. It’s awesome you have to try it!

The video binaural beats you use throughout the day to refresh and re-energize. You can take a 5 minute break in front of your computer and watch this video with headphones on. Your mind is stimulated by the sound frequencies and the colors and shapes you see on your computer screen.

The audio ones you use like a meditation. You can listen while lying down on your bed or while reading or taking a walk. These are the ones that you can use for to achieve the different results I mentioned earlier.


Re-Awakening Program (10 guided meditations,one Guided Meditation Instruction Manual,three eBooks: Guided Meditation, The Miracle of The Heart, and The Power of Silence   (I love these guided meditations and The Power Of Silence book. Also love that it comes with an instruction manual. I’m haivng fun with the  binaural beats too.)

Angela’s Book  – The Intuition Principle  (I’ve read it twice and love it! Phenomenal book )

Angela’s Website (this is Angela’s website)

Special Giveaway:

Remember there will be one lucky winner who will receive the complete Re-Awakening Program with its bonuses.
The winner will be one of you who  leaves the best comment on 
why they should win the ReAwakening and and share this post on Facebook letting people know about this fabulous Re-Awakening Program.

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Tess The Bold Life April 13, 2012

I’ve learned more about intuition in the last few months than I’ve learned in my entire life. I love Reawakening and am so thankful that you are my friend. My biz is booming because of you and your wisdom. xo Thanks Aileen for the awesome interview.


Kimbundance April 13, 2012

Truly a wonderful and beautiful post! Intuiton guides people the truth behind all situations. Answering the intuitive call is key to living a blessed life.


Cathy | Treatment Talk April 13, 2012

Great interview Aileen and Angela! I love all the learning about intuition and meditation. They are both such useful tools to enrich our lives. The Re-Awakening is amazing and will be helpful to everyone who is ready to access their inner feelings. Thanks for sharing.
Cathy | Treatment Talk´s last [type] ..How to Recover: 17 Quotes of Experience, Strength and Hope


Greg Lease April 13, 2012

Aileen and Angela! Terrific interview. As a coach working mainly with executives, I get to see folks at both end of the intuitive scale, some tuned in and some with so much noise their intuition would have to smack them “up side the head” to get their attention. These are the ones that are sometimes astounded when I ask them a question based on an intuitive insight! I think we all have room to grow in “listening and hearing” our own intuitive senses, just as we all have room for growth in most areas of our lives. As in so many areas, approaching this as a “learner” is key; those most convinced that they know it all sometimes can’t hear what their own inner light would say. Keep up the great work, both of you.


Galen Pearl April 13, 2012

As a person who used to live “from the neck up” and disregarded any messages from intuition, I went from one end of the spectrum to the other. Now I’m very sensitive to intuition and I respect what it has to say. Great interview.
Galen Pearl´s last [type] ..Forgiveness Sometimes Just Happens


Fran Sorin April 13, 2012

Aileen….great interview with Angela.

Angela has a real gift that she is sharing with the world. It comes through in all that she does….including her Re-awakening Meditation Program….which I’m using! Fran
Fran Sorin´s last [type] ..Why You Should Say YES To Change: An Interview and Giveaway With Alex Blackwell


Janet April 13, 2012

I was always guided by my intuition. Even in college, when we had to make our personal identities before graduating with a graphics design degree, I had played upon a compass design that signified my ‘inner compass’. i now have a tattoo that represents my intuition. I should win this because It’s my birthday month. And my continued growth/exploration in the spiritual community.. I did a 4 month zen monastery retreat and 10 day silent meditation retreat and 660 km walking meditation that have changed my life.
Janet´s last [type] ..Don’t Let Your Website Look Like a Third World Ghetto


Brad April 14, 2012

Thanks Angela & Aileen,

Intuition; a mysterious thing for me and many others. It sounds like even you don’t always hear or listen. Sometimes I have great listening and too often when I really want the guidance, I don’t know how to access it. I probably need more consistent practice as you suggested. Thanks for the tips. Clearly I would benefit from more practice, and your program. I would be delighted to receive this gift as a step in sharing more of my gifts, which I yearn to do, but don’t the clarity as to the what.
blessings, Brad
Brad´s last [type] ..The Power of Choice


Betsy at Zen Mama April 14, 2012

What a wonderful interview with Angela! Such great advice about intuition. I have also been reading Angela’s blog for over a year now and have learned so much.
I have Angela and Steve’s kit… amazing how much it includes.
Betsy at Zen Mama´s last [type] ..How To Calm Your Monkey Mind


Cindy Cherry April 14, 2012

Informative interview. I missed the opportunity to purchase the kit at the early bird price and would really like to have the opportunity to win it. I have been trying, off-and-on, to learn to meditate for almost ten years. I have found it difficult to quiet my mind. I have even paid a lot of money to learn the TM technique, but still find my mind resists it. I am a single mother of a 14 year old boy – the most fulfilling thing I have ever done. I have been a caregiver for my 90+ year old ex-inlaws for the past two years. They both have progressed into dementia along with myriad other health issues. They still know who I am and we love each other and get along. BUT the dementia can make them very feisty and takes its toll on my mental and physical well-being… As you can imagine, I am almost desperate to find a way to successfully learn to meditate. I have to be honest and admit that I do not have time to pursue Facebook so I deactivated my account and am unable to share your post there (if I could even figure out how…). But I would still appreciate the opportunity to receive the kit.
Thank you for all of the informative and inspirational posts on both of your sites and thank you for the opportunity to win the meditation kit. -Cindy Cherry (yes, that is really my name…)


Sibyl April 16, 2012

Great interview by 2 amazing bloggers:) Aileen, I love your questions. They were right on point and of course Angela, your answers are great. I am so impressed with your product and all the wisdom and insight you share. Great interview:)


Aileen April 17, 2012

Congratulations to Cindy! Winner of the Re-Awakening Program :)


Cindy Cherry April 25, 2012

Oh WOW! I’ve never won anything on the computer before! Thank you so much! Sorry this is so late, I haven’t been on the computer for a week. Thanks again, Aileen and Angela! I will try to download it when I get home today.


Aileen April 25, 2012

ENJOY!!!! Hope you find it as powerfully effective as I have found it to be. :)


Katie April 20, 2012

loved hearing both of your voices – it soothed my soul today
Katie´s last [type] ..Let’s Get Our Ducks In A Row


J.D. Meier May 14, 2012

> Your intuition is your own inner guidance about your life
Well put.

Even if my tugs aren’t always right, I take the time to figure out what they might mean.


Aileen May 25, 2012

I like that “Even if my tugs aren’t always right, I take the time to figure out what they might mean.” :)


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