Unique Gift Ideas From Fun, to Funny, to Fabulous!

by Aileen


Typically I have a lot of fun giving gifts, but sometimes it’s a hairsplitting challenge to find something non-generic, unique and something the special person would like.

I have a handful of people who I find really hard to find gift ideas for, and even though Christmas and Holidays aren’t about gifts and material possessions, it can be great fun to give something that makes the person smile, laugh or do something they just wouldn’t ordinarily do.

If you’re looking for some ideas for a unique gift for your friend, family member, or your favorite hairdresser I’ve got a few ideas you may like.

I’ve compiled a short list of unique gift ideas that I love, and would like to share with you

1) An Intuitive ReadingA gift certificate for an intuitive reading (or physic reading) is a wonderfully unique gift! My first reading was a gift, and I probably wouldn’t have done it otherwise. I’ve had a couple of readings from Angela (www.PoweredbyIntuition.com) and she’s fantastic. She gave me a reading over the phone; we didn’t have to meet in person, and it was a spot on reading. It even gave me clarity about the direction of my dreams and helped me shape my vision. Now yours may be different, but what an awesome gift!

2) A Pottery Class – There’s a local place here called, Color Me Mine , and you can customize a piece of pottery such as a mug, a plate, a vase etc…. it’s quite fun to go with a friend and create your own custom piece of pottery. I’m not particularly talented in this area, but I still managed to create a fun unique mug. It’s really a fun experience, even for those who aren’t “good” at that stuff.

3) Gift Certificate for a Theme Park or Other Experience – One year a friend gave me the gift of Disneyland. Theme parks can be quite expensive, but there are other local events that you might be able to give as a gift.

4) Tickets to a Play, Symphony or Other type of Performancegoldstar.com is a website where you can buy discounted tickets to local performances and events. So many great shows happen in small towns and big cities. It can be a great treat to send someone to a show that they wouldn’t ordinarily see. You may need to give a gift certificate if you don’t want to buy a ticket for a particular day and not sure of their calendar/availability. **Not all gifts need to be surprises

5)  Music to Promote Sleep – Perfect for the insomniac in your life. This collection of music might only be available on mp3 these days. I have the CD from years ago and listened to it every night for 4 years. It worked so well! One day G requested something different so I’ve recently tried music to inspire positive thinking, I like that one too. If you give an mps gift, you can download it and put it on a CD so you have something to wrap and give, or you can print the image of it and give them their access information.

6) A Makeover – How Fun!! Typically this is for ladies; there’s a local place I love called Sephora. They may be nationwide now, I’m not sure. You can go in and have a partial makeover such as “just show me how to create smoky eyes” or “help me figure out how to use eyes shadow” or “show me how to use sparkles and glitter New Years” or you can have a total facial make over, and learn what colors work for you etc… It can be a lot of fun, and if you don’t buy a ton of makeup while you’re there, it’s a wonderfully affordable gift!

7) Handmade Gift Certificate – You can get creative with this one. Create a gift certificate for one night of babysitting, one fabulous dinner during the month of January, or one afternoon picnic etc… Be sure to let the person know you’re serious and follow up to ensure they book a date and use the certificate.

8) Loose Leaf Tea with a Tea Press – One of the things that’s been helping me “quit” coffee has been the introduction to yummy loose leaf tea, which is different than what’s in a tea bag at the grocery store. I’ve learned that tea bags have tea dust rather than the full leaf which means the flavor isn’t there. After having “real” tea, I’ve been able to drink much, much more tea and my coffee consumption is down to a few cups in a month (on a bad week it might be a few in a week) but it’s been a tremendous help! There’s a local place here that sells their tea online, The Tea Gardens, or you can buy great loose leaf tea at whole foods or other local places. If you don’t know what a tea press is, here’s a link to see what tea presses are.

9) Give the Gift of Your Favorite Digital Product You can give the gift of one of your favorite online digital products. Just print the image and give them their user name and password, and you can wrap it up as a gift they can open. One of the ones that I really like is Farnoosh’s 10 Minute Daily Invigorator for natural energy 

10) Give a Donation to the Charity of Their Choice  It’s wonderful to give a charitable donation on someones behalf, to make a contribution to their favorite charity. Here’s an article I wrote about researching a charity to be sure that the ones you choose to give to are ones that maximize their donations rather than mismanage their funds.Tis the Season of Giving. Are Your Charities Doing Their Part? It can be a great gift to donate, and it’s even better when we feel good about knowing that charity is doing a great job at managing the donated funds.

11) Electronic Toothbrush – This was one of the most unusual gifts I’ve received, and it took me a couple of weeks to get use to using it, but after the learning curve and getting adjusted to it, I loved it! My teeth feel super clean and I actually don’t like to use a traditional tooth anymore, which I do when traveling, and boy I miss my electronic one. They are rather pricey, but the replacement brushes are affordable, so it’s not expensive to maintain and keep using it.

12) Fleece Sheets – This can be awkward gift to give, I know, but fleece sheets are divine during winter and far too many people don’t know about them. ** I do not recommend the plush or mircoplush. They feel soft, but they don’t breathe so it gets sweaty, which is icky. The Fleece is the way to go. the fabric breathes, it’s warm, fuzzy and just wonderful. Be sure to read the label and get the Fleece! I get them at Ross, Marshalls and TJmax, but you can also get them on Amazon and overstock.com You give the gift of warmth and snuggle heaven with this gift idea.

I know the typical list is 10, and well 12 is a rather odd number, but I why take out a neat idea?

I do recommend giving gifts with a return gift receipt when you’re taking a risk like an electric tooth brush or fleeces sheets etc… It’s a way to have fun giving something unique and giving them the option of doing what they want to do with it.

For gifts such as a unique experience, well I like to really encourage the person to try it. Unless of course it’s a life threatening experience, personally I wouldn’t jump out of plane or bungee, but I’d go see a symphony or a show that I typically wouldn’t see.

Have fun with this list, get creative and see what happens when you go unique with gift giving!

Wishing you a most magical and memorable Christmas and Holiday Season!!

I’d love to hear about some of your favorite unique gift ideas, ones you like to give, ones you were happy to receive! Fun gifts, funny gifts, fabulous gifts, unique gifts…. please tell!


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Angela Artemis|Powered by Intuition December 19, 2011

You are too kind. Thank you for including a reading from me on your gifts idea article. I’m so very grateful. I loved your ideas.
I used to go to a pottery class, years ago. I loved using the potter’s wheel to create something with my hands. Your post has reminded me of this. I may have to make time to go and do that again. Thank you!
Happy Holidays to you.
Angela Artemis|Powered by Intuition´s last [type] ..Some of My Favorite Things This Holiday Season


Aileen December 20, 2011

I had to include a reading from you in this list :) it’s such a great unique gift. I tried the pottery a couple of times, and really loved it. The mug and vase didn’t end up coming out like I had planned, but it was so much fun, and I still use the mug – it’s a bit funky and fun.
Have a wonderful Holiday!!


Cristina | Positively Beauty December 20, 2011

Lots of great ideas Aileen!
Like you, I like giving the gift of experience – like a ticket to ballet or theatre, or a voucher for a meal, for a workshop, a massage, and so on…
Books are always high on my list, too – be it paper or ebook
Music & films
Something home-made – be it cookies, flavoured tea, jam or mincemeat, cakes…or knitted stuff.
Happy Holidays!
Cristina | Positively Beauty´s last [type] ..Knitting & Christmas styling


Aileen December 20, 2011

I’d love to be talented with making hand-made gifts. You are so wonderfully blessed with that talent :) A hand-made gift is filled with a warm magic!


Galen Pearl December 20, 2011

Last summer, someone gave me a beautiful tea cup with a built in infuser which makes using loose leaf tea hassle free. And some great tea to go with it. I use the cup every day and I absolutely love it. So I second that idea!!
Galen Pearl´s last [type] ..Winter Wonder


Aileen December 20, 2011

How Wonderful! It’s one thing to tell someone, ‘hey try loose leaf tea it’s 1,0000 times tastier’ – and a whole other things to give some one the tea, and a way to enjoy the tea without the leaves floating in the cup (such as a tea press, tea cup with built in infuser etc…) – such a brilliant way to walk someone in to the real tea world. :)
It’s neat that we had a similar experience of receiving the gift of Tea :)


Joy December 22, 2011

What a wonderful list! Thank you for sharing:)
I love to give the gift of an experience…so many times when we participate in local celebrations, we tend to celebrate over food, with a specific gift wrapped present (which is awesome and enjoyable!). My greatest joy is to be the conduit for magic, so I like to connect through an experience that the receiver might have wished for, or that is in alignment with the receiver’s interests.
Like you, I also make my own gift certificates to share with those around me..only I do not only wait for a holiday, but distribute them throughout the year. I think my son would tell you his favorite “present” was that I gave him a certificate that allowed him to choose a book for us to read together that was outside of my regular genre (he tends to love science fiction and I tend to avoid it)…so he chose the book and we read it together cover to cover..*and* I got hooked on the series so we keep reading:)


salman January 1, 2012

so nice really it reality


jack foley January 2, 2012

Yea love that Kaizen…

Reminds me of the slight edge..

“Tiny changes compounded over time will change your life”
jack foley´s last [type] ..Diversification-So-Important-In-Investing


tivan January 20, 2012

Awesome list, Aileen!


Rebecca January 25, 2012

Great post!


Rebecca February 4, 2012



Prakash February 7, 2012

Hi, what a list of gifts, really nice…… i usually prefer handmade gifts… but whatever you give that should be from the bottom of your heart……..then that will be nice.
Thanks for sharing your gift idea………I need some idea for this valentine….so would you please help me he he……
Prakash´s last [type] ..Blogging Or World War III


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