Using Vision Boards and Affirmations to Break the Cycle of Negative Thinking

by Aileen

smart opinionated and fabulous podcast logoWelcome back to episode 5 of the Smart, Opinionated and Fabulous podcast!

Today we delve deeply into how negative thoughts can physically affect our body, how the world around us contributes to our cycle of negative thinking, why we must break through negative thinking for our well-being, and we review some tools to empower us towards positive thinking.

Many people feel that they can’t be positive, because of their life situation. We look at how we need to change the perspective in order for us to have real change. We also talk about tools and techniques to break through limiting beliefs and begin to feel good now.

No matter where we are in life, and what’s happening around us we all deserve to experience personal well-being, and there really are things we can to do elevate our spirit, our emotions, our perspective. In today’s show, we explore the art of living with the power of positivity, and getting our mindset to help us rather than hold us back. 

Show Notes:

1. The physical effect of negative thoughts – How negative thoughts can physically affect our physical body and actually weigh us down. We share moments when we personally experienced this happening.

2. Bridging the gap – Sometimes our reality seems so bleak, positive thinking feels like a lie. We look at bridging the gap  between affirmations, vision boards, positive thinking and reality. We talk about fow to make the choice to be open and positive regardless of what you are experiencing in the moment.

3. The wrong way to go about positive thinking –  We talk about effective ways to go about positive thinking and affirmations, so they actually work and benefit us.

4. Positive empowered thinking a lifetime study – Why positive thinking and empowering your mind is a lifetime practice.

5. Turning things around Ways to empower yourself and enable yourself to turn things around when you slip into negative thinking.


Highlights and References mentioned in the Podcast:

1. Creating Affirmations that work
2. Our friend and amazing resource, Melody Fletcher.
3.  I’ve probably talked about this lady over a million times. She’s been an incredibly strong influence on me since the early 1990’s, Louise L Hay. Below are a couple of links to videos of her, the first one is the one I mention in the podcast.

In this video Louise Hay talks about how at age 80, she’s still learning. It reminds that we may not master this in a year or two, rather we make it a part of our daily living. Click this link to see the short fabulous video:

Have you worked with vision boards? If so, have you found it to be effective in opening your mind and aligning you with inspired action? 

What do you to go past fear based thinking, negative thinking and empower your thoughts? 

We love hearing your thoughts and comments. Feel free to leave your comment below or contact us at softalkpodcst[at]gmail[dot]com

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Vishnu November 2, 2011

First, how much caffeine are you both drinking before getting on this podcast:) ? The passion ABSOLUTELY shines through your podcast. A very interesting topic – thanks for presenting it so well.

Aileen – feeling good is indeed key that you clearly state. I learnt a lot about how to feeling good through Melody’s website.

Do you have a vision board that’s regularly updated, Aileen? Do you make new ones each time or update the one you have?

LOA also only started making sense to me Farnoosh, after hearing from it through Melody She makes LOA make some freakin sense as she says.
Vishnu´s last [type] ..Hello world!


Aileen November 2, 2011

Hi Vishnu. It does sound pretty caffeinated, I know. At first I was self-conscious about how wildly enthusiastic I was, but hey it’s real. I’ve experienced the power of changing my own thoughts and opening my mind and vision to what is possible, and it’s life changing – so it’s hard for me to be calm about it.

I have one vision board that I update, but it’s looking a bit weathered with all it’s changes. What I like about a vision journal is – I keep it in a three ring binder and each page is in a plastic sleeve – so I can change them out as my vision changes. I have a tab for dance, a tab for home, a tab for career, a tab for family – they’re like little chapters. It’s really flexible and it’s fun to see it grow and evolve.

I wonder if you’ll find them to be as powerful as I’ve found them to be? :) I hope so


farouk November 3, 2011

such an amazing podcast that is full of positivity
glad i came across it this morning
great work Aileen :)


Aileen November 3, 2011

Thank You Farouk! :)


Melody | Deliberate Receiving November 3, 2011

First of all, thank you SO MUCH for the plug, ladies!!!

Second, I totally get the enthusiasm. I regularly get told to lay off the caffeine. I don’t even drink coffee, LOL. I’m pretty sure that if we ever all got together in the same room, we’d cause a supernova. ;) I loved your little outburst, Aileen. I was pumping my fist right along with you! Yay! I think I’ll have to allow my super enthusiastic self out more on my own podcasts. I can get so excited sometimes that I wonder if I’m just annoying the hell out of people. But then I think, who cares? I’m feeling awesome! Ha.

Love you ladies!!!

Huge hugs,
Melody | Deliberate Receiving´s last [type] ..Quiet Strength – How To Stand Up For Yourself Without Being A Bitch


Aileen November 3, 2011

:) “I can get so excited sometimes that I wonder if I’m just annoying the hell out of people. But then I think, who cares? I’m feeling awesome! ” Love It! It’s true I shouldn’t feel bad for being loudly enthusiastic right? Energy happens. It would be crazy fun to have all three of us in the same room, we must make that happen one day.


Angela Artemis|Powered by Intuition November 4, 2011

So many of my favorite topics. Positivity and vision boards and Louise Hay – Oh my! I feel like I just received a box of chocolates. I so enjoyed this and by the way, I’m starting a new biz too! You can do it Aileen! I know it!!!
I have been making what we used to call “Treasure Maps” but, are now called “vision boards” since I first heard about them – I think from Shakti Gawain’s book? Everything I have ever cut out and put on my vision boards has become a reality. It is amazing.
Angela Artemis|Powered by Intuition´s last [type] ..Do we choose psychic work or does it choose us?


Aileen November 11, 2011

:) “Everything I have ever cut out and put on my vision boards has become a reality.” I love hearing that!


John Sherry November 9, 2011

Yeah baby – love the energy and vibration of possibility you both deliver Aileen. Imagination is our minds and senses being allowed to wander and then coming home with the amazing discoveries they have found. It’s the New World to the pioneers of potential and destiny. I imagine often and people say, ‘Oh, John’s in another world again’. And they have no idea how very right they are!!
John Sherry´s last [type] ..5 Reasons Why You Should Never Blame The Referee


Aileen November 11, 2011

” Imagination is our minds and senses being allowed to wander and then coming home with the amazing discoveries they have found.” That is an awesome way of looking at imagination – so true & so great!


Galen Pearl November 9, 2011

What do I do to get past negative thinking? I remind myself of a bumper sticker I saw — “Don’t believe everything you think.” I realize that I am telling myself a story and I have the power to change that story. That helps me not get so hooked into the drama. Just let it go.
Galen Pearl´s last [type] ..Reflection on the Journey


Aileen November 11, 2011

“Don’t believe everything you think.” ” I am telling myself a story and I have the power to change that story.” Very wise indeed! I’ve done it – I believed thoughts that didn’t serve be, and I’ve held on to stories that needed to be dropped in order to move forward.

Thank you for your words of wisdom.


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