How to Get the Most Out of Google Calendar

by Aileen

Ever wanted to have your work calendar and personal calendar all in one, and be able to see them separately? 

I’m not a “naturally” organized person, but would love to be! Growing up I was often late for school because I could find one shoe, but not the other. Sad, but true, I just happen to have missed that ‘natural organizer’ gene.

In my desire to be a more organized person, I get pretty excited when something works And I’m willing to go a little extreme in order find ways to keep myself organized, which leads me to this wonderful tool, Google Calender.

Your small kaizen step for improved organization!

A kaizen video series on Google Calender.

In the video below you’ll see how to:

  • Create and color-code multiple Google calendars within one gmail account
  • How to set up email and pop up reminders so you won’t forget your appointment or event
  • How to share your calender publicly, or keep it private
  • How to  integrate your calendars to see them all at once, and/or separate them out to just see one at a time. Yes it’s flexible!

All of this is below in the video. Just click Play.

For more Google calendar video tutorials, you can visit Kaizen Vision’s You Tube Channel

or click the links below:

How to share part of your Google calendar

How to share one of your Google calenders without sharing your entire calender

and more!

Hope you find it helpful!

What are your favorite Google calendar tips? Do you have any Google calendar challenges?


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David Stevens October 16, 2011

Thanks Aileen,
I wasn’t even aware of the Calendar function.
be good to yourself
David Stevens´s last [type] ..15 “When’s” can make it right


Aileen October 17, 2011

Hi David. Glad you found it informative. It’s a pretty awesome tool. Now if it could provide integrated scheduling I’d be over the moon with joy :)


Rochelle October 17, 2011

Like David, I wasn’t even aware of the Calendar. Perhaps they need to advertise more. But, thanks for posting this. :) Have a great day- Rochelle.


Aileen October 17, 2011

Hi Rochelle. Thanks for stopping by and sharing your comment. Nice to meet you here.


John Sherry October 17, 2011

Super tutorial Aileen, there’s somethings I wasn’t aware of with the Google calendar, you’ve just sharpened me up. You’re pretty good at ‘voice overs’ too. Movies next?
John Sherry´s last [type] ..Sorting The Unsporting


Aileen October 17, 2011

Hahaha Movies were a previous life – so I’ll say, not next. :) I really do enjoy this tool. Now if only it could do my laundry and dishes too :) that would be heavenly!


Joe Wilner October 19, 2011


A very practical and helpful post! I use Google calendar specifically for work related matters and it helps to coordinate all my activities in easy to use and updatable way. We use this in a contract that I am coordinating currently and it makes it easy to get all the different parties and departments on the same page by giving them access to the calendar. The best thing is that it’s free! I also intend to look more into BaseCamp and other project management software, but haven’t had the time to get around to it. Have you ever used any other software, or have any recommendations?
Joe Wilner´s last [type] ..10 Key Truths to Living a Thriving Life


Aileen October 21, 2011

Hi Joe. I have used BaseCamp and I like it a lot. It’s not free and I’m pretty darn frugal – I’m on the fence about making the commitment. I usually power through all the open source options first, but basecamp is pretty fabulous as far as project management. Here’s a cool wiki that compares a lot of the options out there I haven’t yet found a perfect system that integrates everything (schedule, project management, customer info CRM) but I’m on the look out!


Tivan January 17, 2012

Google Calendar has given me so many problems recently. Does anyone else experience glitches? Like adding events and then not seeing them, or seeing them double?


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