What Would Love Do?

by Aileen

Hopefully you will find enjoyment in the light humorous touch of this post.  Although it may be odd, it is true.

Over the last several days I’ve been so excited about the possibilities of life that I simply can’t concentrate. I’m beginning to feel rather frustrated and impatient with my own enthusiasm because it has truly run amok.

I seriously wouldn’t be exaggerating if I told you I break out into leaps around the house, dash out of the door for spontaneous a run around the block, break into song, and practice my ballet turns in my kitchen. Yes, my enthusiasm is out of control. I’ve had the attention span of a gnat for the last several days.

There is a powerful question I ask myself when I’m in heated moments such as being angry or frustrated with someone or some situation. The question is, What would love do?

I’m not sure why the question popped into my head, since it’s usually reserved for deeper life moments, but I’m happy that it did because it gives me a sense of peace.

Today I asked myself that question as I was becoming wildly frustrated with my uncontrolled enthusiasm. My answer surprised me, it was, “Love would let the wild enthusiasm just be. So what if you’re not being productive. Please stop being so concerned about it, enjoy it. Who knows if this ecstatic state will ever happen again.”

So today I’m going to be okay with my volcanic enthusiasm. I know I haven’t posted anything new since last 6 days and nothing is feeling accomplished, but things happen and life happens. It could be far worse, I could be ill. It’s just the enthusiasm flu. In a few days I’ll be well rested and productive again.

Have you ever had this dramatic case of uncontrollable enthusiasm that just kept you from sitting still long enough to get something done? If so please share. I can’t recall having this before.

On a deeper level, because I have a split second that I can sit in this thought. I would like to give you a gift today and the gift is this question, What Would Love Do? It works well when intense emotions arise such as anger, hurt, frustration and sorrow. It gives us a moment to respond in a way that isn’t guided by the intense emotion. It allows us a more truthful and kind response to the person or situation.

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Jean Sarauer June 16, 2010

Oh, I hope that enthusiasm flu is contagious and that I come down with it too! I have been in that state, but haven’t had an extended bout like yours for awhile now. And, like you said, so what if you’re not being productive? So much good stuff normally comes out of a ‘high on life’ phase that it produces a torrent of work in the long run.

So yay for you!!! :)
Jean Sarauer´s last [type] ..Confessions of a Backsliding Blogger


Aileen June 21, 2010

I hope it’s contagious too then :) that is great point about so much good stuff comes from being high on life – thanks for the reminder :)


Angela Artemis June 17, 2010

First – I have to get this off my chest: Damn that Jean Sarauer! How the heck does she make the first comment everywhere I go? I swear she is a superwoman! I’m getting a complex…..

I love this topic. Beautiful.

What would love do?

Love would flow down the joyous river of life reveling in the beauty of the sky above and the lush green trees leaning over the water. Love is JOY. Let your joy flow and let it’s vibration move through your ballerina’s body. ENJOY!!!

When you’re resonating to the high frequency emotion of love you’re actually emitting this same high vibration to all who come in contact with you – so you are being very productive in the best possible way. You’ve become a JOY MAGNET – and I can feel the waves of joy flowing from you.

Thank you for lifting my vibration and spirits today.
Angela Artemis´s last [type] ..Is There a Difference Between Intuition, Psychism and Mediumship?


Aileen June 21, 2010

Jean is superwoman, there’s just not other explanation…she’s at all places all times

JOY MAGNET I love that!


Madeleine Kolb June 17, 2010

Aileen, I think I’ve felt like this when I was re-thinking my aproach to something or
having a zilion ideas flying around in my head and I don’t know where to start. I’d
hadn’t thought of the What Would Love Do question, but it’s an interesting one. When I
feel like this, I’m so restless and energetic that I need to get outside. This apartment
is too small for practicing dance moves or leaping apart. It doesn’t sound like a bad
thing at all, though.
Madeleine Kolb´s last [type] ..3 Unmistakable Signs That You’re Turning into a Little Old Lady


Aileen June 21, 2010

Yes, getting out side is a great one – it’s a good spot for restlessness


LOUISE June 18, 2010

I cannot think of a time I had uncontrollable enthusiasm the way you did but I sure would like to experience it. It makes me smile. :)


Katie June 18, 2010

Aileen woman! Yes, I’m so there. Everyday I’m bubbling over, turning down boring work no matter what the pay so I can bask in my bubbliness. Not sleeping, running like I’ve got wings. I get it. I just wrote about this very thing in the cleanse kit for this week. Enthusiasm! Day 5 is all about embracing it. I think it’s that you’ve found your calling and your heart is over-flowing. A flu – that’s brilliant. I’ve got the fever. Love it and love this post.
Katie´s last [type] ..Pushing Yourself Forward: Week 5 of the 7-Week Life Cleanse


Aileen June 21, 2010

“bask in my bub­bli­ness” what a wonderful image! I just read through week 5 (It’s too hard not to read it through first then go day-by-day…I love seeing it in advance) – day five you mention,” Be enthusiastic at least once today. And I mean, really enthusiastic”
Oh there are many levels of enthusiasm aren’t there :) Now today I revisit the banana and broccoli lists


Manal June 19, 2010

What a brilliant post! To ask the question of what would love do changes how we respond to anything.

Enthusiasm (the god within) is a great thing. It is where all creativity and beauty comes from. Celebrate the god within you and enjoy it.

I feel like this when I start something new. I am excited and can’t stop thinking about what I want to do and everything else goes by the wayside.

@Angela LOL I’m with you my friend. Jean is a super commenter.
Manal´s last [type] ..5 Reasons to Let Go of Your Story


Aileen June 21, 2010

Hi Manal. the question does change how we respond that’s what I love about it – it helps be not regret how I handled something – I’d rather follow what love what do rather than what I might do based on how I’m feeling at the moment.

Thank you for your reminder – enthusiasm, the god within


Joe June 19, 2010

Wow! What a great question to ask oneself when seeking an answer to a personal struggle. It can’t get any simpler than that. Brilliant post!


Aileen June 21, 2010

Thank you for stopping by & sharing your comment!


Clearly Composed June 20, 2010

I think my energy level went up ten notches just being around you!! What a fantastic question…just fantastic. I am going to play with that this week! :)
Clearly Composed´s last [type] ..~ Thoughts on Rebuilding Trust


Aileen June 21, 2010

oh how wonderful! I’m glad it was contagious :)


lisa July 11, 2010

uncontrollable enthusiasm..oh!what a feeling! The kind of feeling that puts a smile on
your face that nobody can wipe away.. the kind of feeling that makes you wanna shout for
joy..oh yeah..its a good feeling..makes you wanna sing and dance…you are absolutely
useless..you cant stop daydreaming..your mind keeps wandering off..you lose all train of
thought…yes..you want to bask in your bubbliness..your heart is filled with butterflies,
you want to share your happiness with the world..well i say..go for it!!
you asked “what would love do?” well i think love would embrace that feeling, enjoy it
and savor it.. that feeling doesnt come to often and sometimes a person can wait a
lifetime for that feeling.. so dont hold back..just let it be..just be careful to let it
breathe..give it room to grow..be careful not to smother it..just hang on to that feeling
and dont let go and never ever ever give up!!


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