Power Partners …Sharing the Key to Success

by Aileen

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I was inspired to write this after reading and re-reading a fantastic article by Glen of Viper Chill . I’ve been a fan of his for several months even though his information is beyond my readiness. In his article he was talking about a secret to success for bloggers.


I’ve had some amazing partnerships over the years in theatre, choreography and sales. Each time felt like divine synchronicity. What we were able to accomplish was exponential. When magic like that happens, we are lifted even higher.

Choosing partnerships isn’t mathematical. We can look at the statistics of the potential partner but that’s not everything. It’s like dating, they can look great on paper but you don’t know if there is real chemistry until the kiss.

Some of my best partnerships happened by stumbling on them. I remember when I was a rookie sales person floundering all over the place and hearing people make bets on how many more weeks I’d last. One manager jumped in when I was trying to close a deal, because he felt bad for me and we had a blast closing that sale. We discovered how much fun we had working together and over time we closed far more business that we would have alone! We unconsciously became power partners, but we did recognize it, and we just kept making sales magic happen.

One day, years later, while I was an extremely successful sales person working at another company, I over heard co-workers making bets on how long the new guy would last. I met the floundering rep, found out we shared the same geographic territory and we sold separate services. Something moved me. I took him with me on an appointment and we sold both of our services. Pretty soon we became power partners, having a ball and breaking the companies sales records. We were power partners for a long time before he moved. It was so much fun!

So how do you find a power partner?

The best way is to reach out to someone…an acquaintance, co-worker, or anyone who shares the same goal. Reach out and see if they are willing to team-up with you. In a short period of time, you will discover if there is a synchronicity there. The only way to know for sure is by experiencing it and finding out for yourself if the magic is there (yes, again, it’s like dating)  The proof is in the pudding, you’ll know.

Please share your favorite partnership story with me. Or share, what partnership you seek? … Fitness, Heath, Business?

Currently I’d love to be power partners with other inspirational online writers. I already feel it happening. Some of my current favorite online writers are Virgin Blogger Notes, Mystic Musings and Mediations, Momentum Gathering, Real Simple Peopleliving happiness, blog.web6, Arvind’s Make it Happen ,Live Bold & Bloom, Goodlife Zen, Zen Habits

If you have favorites, participate, subscribe, support because you never know who will be your next fabulous power partner!

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Chania Girl May 20, 2010

Thank you so much for the link love, Aileen — woohoo! (Or as John Sherry might say, “yabba dabba doo!”) And thanks for sharing about times when, by sharing rather than competing, you have been both productive AND creative. I think this is the key, don’t you? ;)

One of the things I’ve enjoyed most about blogging is meeting other bloggers that I feel that connection and synchronicity with. One of these is Lance Ekum of The Jungle of Life (have you visited him yet?), whom I now consider a very dear friend. But he is not the only one, and I am excited to be getting to know you better too.

This friendship can be a wonderful thing not just personally but also in the collaboration of posts and the ability to be creative jointly. What are your thoughts? What are your ideas about blogging power partnerships?
.-= Chania Girl´s last blog ..Guess What? I’m Not Perfect =-.


Aileen May 21, 2010

Absolutely I agree, “by sharing rather than competing, you have been both productive AND creative”

I hadn’t known of Lance Ekum, thanks for pointing him out.

It’s amazing, this creative collaboration of posts – being creative jointly. I love the idea of power partnerships among bloggers. I’m looking forward to having guests posts on this site and linking to great writers/great articles. I love community, tribe, – when we experience “the whole being greater than the sum of its parts”


Barrie Davenport May 21, 2010

Hi Aileen,

I would love to be a power partner with you. I have a links page on my blog, so I think I’ll put the power partner request out there too and see who wants to share links!

You have a wonderful blog!



Aileen May 21, 2010

YAY Barrie! let’s join creative forces. I love the idea of a link page. Oh I can feel Katie’s Momentum Gathering here – it’s wonderfully contagious!


Katie May 21, 2010

I’m with you ladies!!! Let’s share, let’s partner, let’s be there for each other. What else is there, really? I’m looking forward to growing, guest posting, and hosting guests. Sounds like a party. In fact, I’m currently hoping to find guest posters for my 7-week cleanse who can speak to each of the themes. I’m looking for one guest post a week and have already lined up my first guest. Check out the weekly themes on my 7-week cleanse post and see if there’s any common ground between your blog, momentum and that theme. I’d love to partner!
.-= Katie´s last blog ..How to Ride a Steep Learning Curve =-.


Aileen May 21, 2010

Momentum Goddess, it is a party!
Absolutely, the best party in town!


Angela Artemis May 21, 2010

Aileen, you’re wise indeed. If one is strong – two are stronger and more makes an army!

Let’s band together!

I just Retweeted your excellent post! Love it!

I’m cooking up a post today with links to all the wonderful commentors on my blog.

And, thank you for kindly mentioning MM&M as one of your favorites. You’re a doll.

Angela Artemis
.-= Angela Artemis´s last blog ..Intuition: You Don’t Have to Scare The **** Out of Yourself! =-.


Aileen May 21, 2010

Thank you for the re-tweet!!! “If two are stronger and more makes an army! Let’s band together!” True words spoken by the lady with strong intuition! :)


Angela Artemis May 22, 2010

I couldn’t find you on Twitter – I wanted to tell you check out my latest post: Who Inspires You?

I think you’ll like it!

.-= Angela Artemis´s last blog ..Intuition: You Don’t Have to Scare The **** Out of Yourself! =-.


Clearly Composed May 25, 2010

What a great blog! I was intimidated at first when I started blogging years ago but have always been encouraged and amazed by the wonderful people willing to reach out, contribute to my learning, support and listen. Carla above has been that for me already in the short time I have known her and I look forward to building more bonds in the community here. I like your site very much and will be back often. :)
.-= Clearly Composed´s last blog ..~ Pizza, Smoothies and Balance =-.


Aileen May 26, 2010

Thank you for stopping by! Yes, it is a truly phenomenal community!!


Mark May 25, 2010

Excellent article that most should read. Partnering up with others can be very powerful on many levels.


Aileen May 26, 2010

Hi Mark, Thank you for stopping by and thanks for your comment!!


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