May is National Runners Month! Or is it?

by Aileen

two people jogging I see it on the news, hear it on the streets, and I wonder what historical event or inspirational person brought about this May celebration. Well after a bit more research it appears that all this hype may have been a clever marketing campaign by Dick’s Sporting Goods.

…but at least it’s a marketing campaign with a cause. Dick’s Sporting Goods did join Team Fox to raise awareness &  funds for Parkinson’s disease. There are ten official races you can participate in if you like, (for more on this click this link )

But even if you can’t get to one of the 10 official races (or the idea of a race is not enticing to you) you can still take this opportunity as a nudge to get out there and jog. Now, you don’t have to run a 26.2 mile marathon. You don’t even have to run a 5K if you don’t desire, but there are great benefits to having a good ol’ run especially when we feel sluggish or low or when our every day stresses cloud the mind… A nice jog or run just might help.

Ahhh I can feel it now… The heart rate increases, the body is in motion and we feel alive! Our breath deepens and stretches our lungs unlike the shallow sips of air we have during the casual course of our day.

While we cut into the wind, we can focus on our steps, focus on our breath, free from our thoughts and one with our body. Yes, it can be an incredibly mindful experience once we release all the mental chatter.

Some other added benefits to running are:

  • Increased energy Levels…Yes even a 20 minute jog/walk will do!
  • Increased bone density
  • Increased calorie burning… just for thrills
  • Increased muscle development
  • Increased blood flow, circulation
  • Deeper Inhale and exhale helps release tension
  • And yet another opportunity to go outside… hey, invite a friend and share the experience

Yes there some people out there that like to point out the negative aspects of running, if you run too hard, run too much, or run with improper form or footwear but like other activities moderation and preparation are the keys to enjoying the benefits instead of fearing the risks.

So come on and let’s all go for a run and celebrate National Runners Month for mind + body!

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Jean Sarauer May 11, 2010

I’d go for a run but then the emergency response team would have to come running to pick me up. I love long, brisk walks though and almost break into a trot sometimes :)
.-= Jean Sarauer´s last blog ..How to Host a Winning Blog Contest =-.


Aileen May 11, 2010

How fabulous, “almost break into a trot some times” you are hilarious! :) It is said the walking is equally good for the body.


Louise May 12, 2010

A nice walk is enjoyable – but a run, forget it. I like to take the time to enjoy the beauty around me and stop to smell the flowers not stop because I think I cannot take another step and do not have the stamina to continue. I figure if you want to go for a run, good for you but my legs, feet and the rest of me won’t take it. Have a great day and best wishes to all those runners.


Emily May 12, 2010

I guess that is why they call it “runner’s high”!! :) There was a time I would literally run for hours and that feel good all over feeling would last me most of my day. My craving for the bad stuff (the sugars etc..) left my system. Today I still run, jog for that high. It is nature’s bliss and you can still “smell the roses” on the walk home. :) I have to thank you for your continued inspiration and healthy lifestyle. Cheers to all who get out there in the fresh air to walk, hike, jug,run or sprint for the pure joy of it!!


Aileen May 12, 2010

“nature’s bliss” I like that!


katie May 12, 2010

YES! I love running too. I knew we had a lot in common. You’re so right about the benefits to mind, body and soul. In fact, I’m off to run right now. Not kidding. This was just the inspirational pep talk I needed to set me off on the right foot, or maybe the left. Either way, here I go!!!


Aileen May 12, 2010

woo-hoo!! That’s fantastic!!


Angela Artemis May 12, 2010

Hi Aileen, I used to love to run but then I broke my ankle and it never healed right. So now I walk – and I do it as much as possible. I love being outdoors in the Spring. There’s nothing like it. Hoping to get a good walk in tomorrow in the AM. Thanks for this inspiring post!
.-= Angela Artemis´s last blog ..A Thank You Note And a Letter To My Readers – =-.


Aileen May 13, 2010

…OH, and you get the full glory of East Coast Spring! I loved the spring in NY it’s glorious! Spring in California is still lovely but it doesn’t have that divine quality like it does where you are.
What a lovely walking experience


Madeleine Kolb May 27, 2010

Aileen, I took a nice long walk this afternoon to enjoy the East Coast Spring. It is different from spring in Seattle which I left several months ago. I ended up walking on the beach at Chesapeake Bay and peering at four enormous osprey nests, one very high up on a crane. In addition to all the other benefits: walking and running are good for the brain!
.-= Madeleine Kolb´s last blog ..A Vulture’s Got to Make a Living (Like Everyone Else) =-.


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