7 Great Tips to Following Through

by Aileen

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How often we have begun a new endeavor with great hope, inspiration and excitement then something happens… next thing we know, we lose momentum.

What causes us to not follow through?

Busyness – jobs, family life, socializing etc

Fatigue – after a long day at work …

Overwhelmed – sometimes the big picture (or big idea) is just way too big

Negative Influence – someone putting down our idea, invalidating it, can deflate our hope

Self-doubt – no explanation needed, right?

Fear – fear of failure, fear of success, fear of ridicule, fear there will be nothing else to do when its done

Starting & Stopping – I call it “falling off the horse” this one especially comes up in our reoccurring ‘way of life goals.’ Example: “ I didn’t even realize I fell off the horse until I went to the gym today and realized I haven’t been there in over a week”

Since we know what typically keeps us from FOLLOWING THROUGH and achieving our goal lets look at 7 great tips for staying the course and getting it done!

The kaizen way: Below are 7 small, doable, action steps to commit to!

1. ATTENTION – the things we pay attention to tend to be in great shape. The things that we don’t pay attention to tend to be a mess.

Of course, you can’t pay attention to everything, but you can choose which goals are the priorities. The one that you just keep putting on hold, the one that frustrates you and disheartens you when you think about it – that’s the one you need to follow through on and pay attention to.


Dedicate at least 15 minutes of action toward your goal everyday. This keeps the momentum and consistent action happening. Even a few minutes a day will get you re-energized and you may find yourself putting in far more than 15 minutes.

The 15 minutes work. Try it!

3. RECOMMIT – Get re-inspired; remind yourself why you set this goal or intention originally. Did you think it was possible then? Do you think its possible now? Most likely the answer is, yes.

4. VISUALIZE – Visualize it as though it’s already done, imagine it’s already happening and take action from this heightened emotional place.

5. JOURNAL – Yes keep a journal; use it to hold yourself accountable. Before you go to sleep at night, write what you did toward that goal and what you plan to do next. Write in that journal your action plan and be ok with revising it. Use it to hold yourself accountable and to keep your goal in sight.

6. ASK FOR HELP – Ask another person to help hold you accountable. Tell a friend what your goal is.

It could be, I really want to learn Spanish by the end of the year. Ask your friend, “will you help to hold me accountable? Will you speak Spanish with me? Will you make me recite it to you?”

Come up with your action plan and enlist others help. Maybe you can help them with their goal, hold them accountable for their aspiration.

7. REDEFINE – Be open to revising your goal or action plan. Maybe you need to re-define your goal into smaller goals.

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