Applying Knowledge?

by Aileen

“scientia potentia est”

Francis Bacon 1561-1626
“Knowledge is power” “For also knowledge itself is power”

The saying, “Knowledge is power” is attributed to Francis Bacon, originally stated in Latin, “scientia potentia est “

I chose this quote today as I found myself in a conversation with one of my favorite people. He often says, “Knowledge is power.”  Today, that phrase was the topic of our conversation because I questioned him about it.

I do understand a love for academia, research and learning. However, action is often overlooked.

The reason that the saying, “knowledge is power” sometimes frustrates me, is because, often times a lack of knowledge is used as an excuse to not move forward in life. It can enable a person to feel stuck, trapped and un-empowered.

I do agree that knowledge itself, is a power, but if it doesn’t accompany applied action it can often be useless.

Oftentimes knowledge is only part of the equation. This is why it can be a limiting thought rather than an empowering one.

Today, Goethe’s words are on my computer monitor as I choose to contemplate applied action “we must apply… we must do”

“Knowing is not enough; we must apply.

Willing is not enough; we must do.”

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Those who dare to take action, often gain the knowledge along the way.

Applying the knowledge and taking action, that is empowering.

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